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 Training that Fits your Company's 



Silicon Bay Training has been designing, developing and delivering custom learning programs for the top companies based in Silicon Valley for over 18 years. 

Built around a very simple concept "Learning is at its best when Learners are most Engaged" - How you get there is what we do! 

Every program we develop has to fit the learning objectives, the company culture, the business goals and most importantly must engage the learners.


How We Can

Help You

Technical Onboarding

Engineer Onboarding programs are all specifically designed to meet the requirements of each customer. They range from a single 6 hour course, to multiple week programs.

Matt was the perfect instructor. Fast enough to keep me from being bored and slow enough that I will be able to retain what I learned and apply it back at work. Thanks!!

I cannot recommend the trainer enough.  His knowledge was both deep and wide, he had a very engaging and friendly demeanor, and really brought everyone together into the shared mission of learning.



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